Michael Bracken

Award-Winning Crime Fiction Writer


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Children/Young Adult


“The Magic Stone,” Young World, November 1978


“My Dad Hates Me,” Fathering, March 2000



“The High School Champion,” Intimate Story, 1981


“Your Eyes Tell Me What Your Lips Can’t Say...,” Secrets, July 1984


“The Other Me My Husband Doesn’t Know About,” True Experience, April 1985


“Impatient Virgin,” Jive, September 1987 (as Angela Brown)


“Big Spender,” Black Romance, September 1987; Black Romance, May 1996 (as Christine Bracken)


“Desperate,” Bronze Thrills, April 1988 (as Kate Williams)


“Afraid Of The Dark,” Bronze Thrills, June 1988 (as Aggie Winter)


“Black Knight,” Jive, May 1991 (as Gladys Spivey)


“Battered Wife,” Black Confessions, June 1992


“Married To A Loser,” True Love, July 1992


“For Richer, For Poorer,” True Love, December 1992


“Pregnant! All Our Plans Are Ruined,” True Romance, December 1992


“I’m Dead In My Mother’s Eyes,” True Love, March 1993


“A Tragedy Made Me His Wife,” True Romance, July 1993


“Flirting With The Boss Can Cost Me My Husband...And My Job!” True Love, August 1993


“He Bought Me For $200,” True Romance, August 1993


“He’s Cheating On Me...But I Can’t Let Him Go,” True Story, November 1993


“I Used My Body To Keep Him From Straying,” True Confessions, May 1994


“The IRS Almost Tore Us Apart,” True Story, April 1995


“I Posed For Porn Pictures,” True Experience, February 1996


“The $10 He Left On My Dresser Shattered My World,” True Romance, March 1996


“Always,” True Love, June 1996


“In The Heat Of Passion, He Calls Her Name!” True Experience, July 1996


“Men Pay For Nude Photos Of Me!” True Love, July 1996


“I Share My Husband With My Best Friend,” Modern Romances, August 1996


“My Sister Wants To Give Me Her Baby,” True Experience, October 1996


“I Seduced My Ex!” True Experience, December 1996


“My Friends Say I Married A Loser,” True Love, January 1997


“I Spent The Night With My Sister’s Husband,” True Confessions, April 1997


“Hidden Camera!” True Story, May 1997


“My Little Boy Can’t Look His Daddy In The Eye,” True Romance, May 1997


“I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Son!” True Experience, June 1997


“It’s Never Too Soon For Love,” True Confessions, October 1997


“X-Rated Photos—He Brought Them To Our Bed,” True Confessions, May 1998


“I Made My Husband Eat His Words,” True Story, July 1998


“His Parents Lent Us $$$—And They Won’t Let Me Forget It!” True Love, October 1998


“My Husband’s Obsession,” True Story, November 1998


“Naked With A Stranger,” True Confessions, January 1999


“Love On The Rebound,” True Story, May 1999


“There’s A Naked Man Sitting In My Car!” True Love, June 1999


“My Lover Is Stalking Me,” True Confessions, October 1999


“6 Men Raped Me On Christmas Eve,” True Love, December 1999


“A Little Girl Killed My Husband!” True Love, January 2000


“Mama’s Sick Love,” True Love, January 2000


“Raped!” True Story, January 2000


“My Little Girl Won’t Love Me,” True Confessions, February 2000


“I’m Married To A Jerk!” True Love, February 2000


“Your Father Is Making Me Sick!” True Confessions, March 2000


“He’s Not A Smart Man, But He Knows What Love Is All About,” True Love, March 2000


“You’re A Streetwalking Whore!” True Love, March 2000


“Betrayed By My Drug-Dealing Brother,” True Love, April 2000


“You Don’t Love Us Anymore!” True Love, April 2000


“Seduced By My Lesbian Boss!” True Romance, June 2000


“Does My Daughter Want Me For Sex?” True Love, October 2000


“I Know The Cost Of Friendship,” True Love, November 2000


“Kinky Sex In Daddy’s Bed,” True Love, May 2001


“Cinderfella,” Jive, September 2003


“He’s Messy, I’m Neat,” True Story, September 2003


“X-Rated Foreplay,” True Story, October 2003


“Love Bondage,” Black Confessions, December 2003


“Family Reunion,” True Story, March 2004


“Sex Addict,” Jive, April 2004


“Surprise Dad,” True Story, May 2004


“Confessions Of A Rock Star Groupie,” True Story, June 2004


“Incidental Love,” Black Confessions, June 2004


“Bookstore Love,” True Story, July 2004; Hope For The Heart (True Renditions LLC), 2013


“You Might Be Raising A Skinhead,” True Story, August 2004


“He’s The One,” Jive, September 2004


“He’s My 9 To 5 Lover,” True Story, September 2004


“Abusive Love,” Jive, November 2004


“Sex, Lies & Videotape,” Jive, November 2004


“Grandfather’s Wisdom,” True Story, November 2004


“The Green-Eyed Monster,” Black Confessions, December 2004


“Late,” True Story, January 2005


“Investigation Infidelity: Is My Husband Cheating On Me?” True Romance, January 2005


“Dead Man’s Revenge,” Black Confessions, February 2005


“In Love With My Next Door Neighbor,” True Love, February 2005


“My Husband’s Last Gift,” True Romance, February 2005


“Prepress Love” (Part 1), True Romance, February 2005


“Prepress Love” (Part 2), True Romance, March 2005


“Bunny Love,” True Romance, March 2005


“Kiss Me, I’m Irish,” True Romance, March 2005


“Tingle On The Beach,” True Story, March 2005


“Surprise!” Jive, March 2005


“Neglected Housewife,” Jive, March 2005


“Spring Break Stupidity,” True Love, March 2005


“The Frisky Fiasco,” True Story, April 2005


“The April Fool,” True Romance, April 2005


“Hunky Party Favor,” Sun, April 1, 2005


“Librarian In Lust,” Sun, April 25, 2005


“Trimming The Fat,” Jive, May 2005


“A Cruel Twist Of Fate,” Jive, May 2005


“Moms Need Love Too,” True Romance, May 2005


“Silence Isn’t Golden,” True Romance, May 2005


“Photo Finish,” Sun, May 16, 2005


“Make The Right Decisions—And Meet Mr. Right!” True Story, June 2005


“Diamonds Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend!” True Love, July 2005


“Single, White Female Seeks Klingon,” True Story, July 2005; The Great Makeover: Becoming Cinderella (True Renditions LLC), 2014


“Love Lessons,” Black Confessions, August 2005


“Tan Lines And Love Signs,” True Story, August 2005


“Captivated By A Carpenter,” True Experience, Fall, 2005; Hope For The Heart (True Renditions LLC), 2013


“Teen Love,” Black Confessions, October 2005


“Mr. NBA,” Black Confessions, October 2005


“Josh’s Story,” True Romance, November 2005


“My Husband Had An Affair And All I Got...Was An STD,” True Story, December 2005


“Teen Crises,” Black Confessions, December 2005


“Reunion Romance,” Sun, January 23, 2006


“Family Affair,” Jive, January 2006


“New Year—New Marriage,” True Story, January 2006


“My Best Christmas Present Ever,” Black Confessions, February 2006


“Mystery Lover,” Jive, March 2006


“Tough Girl,” Black Confessions, April 2006


“Played Out,” Black Confessions, April 2006


“A Mother Ponders,” True Confessions, April 2006


“Private Eyes Are Watching You!” True Story, April 2006


“Surprise Wedding,” Black Confessions, June 2006


“Heated Passion,” Black Confessions, June 2006


“My Date Has A Secret,” True Romance, June 2006


“M.I.A.,” Jive, July 2006


“Miracle Baby,” Jive, July 2006


“I Lost My Virginity...Twice!” True Confessions, July 2006


“Daddy’s Girl,” Black Confessions, August 2006


“Triple Play,” Black Confessions, August 2006


“My Loving Dad,” Black Confessions, August 2006


“Young Love,” Jive, September 2006


“A Crime On Christmas,” True Experience, Winter, 2006


“God Bless Us, Every One,” True Story, December 2006


“The Greatest Gift,” True Romance, December 2006


“A Holiday Lesson,” True Confessions, January 2007


“Love From Above,” True Story, February 2007


“The Other Sister,” True Romance, April 2007


“Hot Mom,” True Romance, May 2007


“Vigilante Teen!” True Story, May 2007


“The Naughty Professor,” True Experience, Summer, 2007


“Flirting With Danger,” True Experience, Summer, 2007


“Bad Boy To The Rescue!” True Confessions, August 2007


“Woman On Top,” True Confessions, August 2007


“Office Dare,” True Romance, September 2007


“One Hunk of A Tutor!” True Romance, September 2007


“A Girl, A Guy, And A Sandwich Shop,” True Story, October 2007


“Nothing But The Painful Truth,” True Confessions, October 2007


“If I Was A Rich Girl...,” True Love, October 2007


“Thanksgiving? No, Thanks!” True Story, November 2007


“Hot Mama,” True Romance, November 2007


“Rescued By A Mountain Man,” True Experience, Winter, 2007; Surviving The Unthinkable (True Renditions LLC), 2013


“Mr. Wrong Returns At Christmas,” True Love, December 2007


“In Love With Mr. Coffee,” True Story, January 2008


“The Philandering Private Eye,” True Confessions, January 2008


“Perfect Stranger,” True Love, February 2008


“Easter Romance,” True Romance, April 2008


“Love Or Money,” True Romance, April 2008


“In Love With The Easter Bunny,” True Story, April 2008; Enchanting Easter (True Renditions LLC), 2013


“Paying It Forward,” True Story, April 2008


“Up Close & Personal,” True Love, May 2008


“Beyond Forever,” True Love, July 2008


“Unconditional Love,” True Experience, Fall, 2008


“Just The Way You Are,” True Story, October 2008


“Night Shift Nookie,” True Romance, October 2008


“Love At First Fright,” True Love, October 2008


“Wild Card,” True Love, October 2008


“In The Blink Of An Eye,” True Story, November 2008


“Holiday Surprise,” True Experience, Winter, 2008


“Christmas Lesson,” True Confessions, December 2008


“Confessions Of A Fatherless Daughter,” True Confessions, January 2009; 37 Stories of Confession (True Renditions LLC), 2020


“Valentine’s Surprise,” True Story, February 2009


“Forgiving My Father,” True Story, February 2009


“Single On Valentine’s Day,” True Romance, February 2009


“Dead Flowers On Valentine’s Day,” True Love, February 2009


“Figure Drawing,” True Love, March 2009


“The April Fool,” True Romance, April 2009; The Trues Online, April 2009


“New Job On Campus,” True Romance, May 2009


“Postcards For Mom,” True Confessions, May 2009


“Returning Home,” True Love, June 2009


“A Father’s Final Gift,” True Story, June 2009


“All Wrapped Up,” True Love, July 2009


“My Island Fling,” True Romance, August 2009


“Lower Standards,” New Love Stories Magazine, September/October 2009


“Under Watchful Eyes,” True Confessions, November 2009


“The Unwanted Christmas Present,” True Experience, Winter, 2009


“Keeping Secrets,” True Love, December 2009


“Falling In Love,” True Love, December 2009


“He Was A Substitute Santa,” True Story, December 2009


“Total Package,” Best Gay Romance 2010 (Cleis Press; Richard Labonte, editor), 2010; Best Gay Romance 2013 (Cleis Press; Richard Labonte, editor), 2013


“Hot New Year,” True Story, January 2010


“My New Year’s Casanova,” True Confessions, January 2010


“A Big Scoop of Love,” True Love, January 2010


Putting The Kart Before Love,” The Long and Short of It, January 14, 2010


“Love After Death,” True Love, February 2010


“Chance Encounter,” True Story, February 2010; Just Romance and Nothing But Romance (True Renditions LLC), 2020


Cat Lover,” The Long and Short of It, February 4, 2010


“St. Patrick’s Day Romance,” True Love, March 2010


“Lucky Clover,” True Confessions, March 2010


“Spring Fling,” True Confessions, March 2010


All-In For Love,” The Long and Short of It, April 22, 2010


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“Memorial Day Madness,” True Confessions, May 2010


“A Daughter’s Homecoming,” True Confessions, May 2010


“Always The Bridesmaid,” True Love, June 2010


“Must Love Dogs,” True Confessions, June 2010


“Reunion At The Lake,” True Confessions, July 2010


“Fun In The Sun,” True Story, July 2010


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“I Was A Topless Waitress,” Lady Leo Publishing, August 2010; Spicy Confessions 2, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Burning Love,” True Confessions, September 2010


“Lessons In Love,” True Story, September 2010


“An Engaging New Year,” Passionate Hearts (Vanilla Hearts Publishing), September 2010; Spicy Confessions 2, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“The Secret Lives Of Teachers,” Lady Leo Publishing, September 2010; Spicy Confessions 2, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Loving My Neighbor,” True Love, October 2010


“My Undercover Lover,” True Story, October 2010


“My Lover’s Secret,” Lady Leo Publishing, October 2010; Spicy Confessions 2, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Too Good To Be True,” True Experience, Winter, 2010


“Home For The Holidays,” True Confessions, November 2010


“Turkey For Two,” True Love, December 2010


“Santa’s Little Helper Saves The Day,” True Story, December 2010


“Bittersweet Homecoming,” True Confessions, December 2010


“Fatherless At Christmas,” True Confessions, December 2010


“Love And A Hula Girl Lamp,” True Confessions, January 2011


“Seeds Of A New Relationship,” Seeds, January 26, 2011


“Thirteen Roses,” True Love, February 2011


“Full Frontal,” True Love, February 2011


Double Winner,” The Long and Short of It, February 17, 2011


“Love And Leprechauns Ignited,” True Love, March 2011


“Spring Broke,” True Love, March 2011


“I Finally Found Him,” True Story, March 2011


Second Chances,” The Long and Short of It, March 17, 2011


“Tagged On Easter,” True Romance, April 2011


“New Bonnets, New Life,” True Story, April 2011


“Parent-Teacher Relations,” True Love, April 2011


“The Littlest Matchmaker,” True Love, April 2011


“A Family Affair At Easter,” True Love, April 2011


“Memories To Last A Lifetime,” True Confessions, May 2011


“The Chocolate Lady,” True Love, May 2011


“Mother’s Day Gift,” True Love, May 2011


“Skateboard Love,” True Love, May 2011


“A Forgettable Night,” True Romance, May 2011


“Picture This,” True Romance, May 2011


“Opening My Heart To Love,” True Story, May 2011


“I Caught My Parents Doing It,” Spicy Confessions, May 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Is That A Banana In Your Pants?” Spicy Confessions, May 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Stolen Rose On Valentine’s Day,” Spicy Confessions, May 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“We Fought For Our Love Life,” Spicy Confessions, May 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Daddy Dearest,” True Story, June 2011


“Someday He’ll Notice Me,” True Story, June 2011


“Creosote Flats And The Big Spread,” The Handsome Prince (Cleis Press; Neil Plakcy, editor), 2011


“And Miles To Do Before I Sleep,” Spicy Confessions 3, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Caribbean Surprise,” Spicy Confessions 3, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“My Husband Is A Big Boob,” Spicy Confessions 3, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Christmas Guest,” Spicy Confessions 3, June 2011 (as Rolinda Hay)


“Sparks Fly On Independence Day,” True Confessions, July 2011


“In The Swim of Things,” True Story, July 2011


“Stumbling Into Love,” True Story, August 2011


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“Coach,” True Confessions, September 2011


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“Behind The Mask,” True Story, October 2011


“In Sickness And In Health,” True Story, October 2011


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“Heartbreak In The Homeland: Is My Son A Killer?” True Confessions, January 2012


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“When New Year’s Eve Came Twice,” True Confessions, January 2012


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“Just My Type,” True Story, January 2012


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“A Knight For A Night,” True Confessions, April 2014


“Easter Lilies,” True Story, April 2014


“The Devil Works In Accounting,” True Confessions, May 2014


“I Refuse To Be A Grandmother!” True Story, May 2014


“Chasing Love,” True Confessions, June 2014


“Pregnant on Father’s Day,” True Story, June 2014


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“Safe At Home,” True Confessions, July 2014


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