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All White Girls, Deadly Campaign
In The Town Of Dreams Unborn And Memories Dying
Just In Time For Love, Psi Cops, Twin Spins #1

Bad Girls, Canvas Bleeding, Even Roses Bleed
Microchick, Sex, Violence & Half A Million Dollars
Tequila Sunrise, Yesterday In Blood And Bone

Fedora, Fedora II, Fedora III
Hardbroiled, Small Crimes

Wildside Press, 2001
Trade Paperback; ISBN 1-58715-362-9
$14.95 US / £11.95 UK
Hardback; ISBN 1-58715-849-3
$32.95 US

Wildside Press, 2009
Trade paperback; ISBN 978-1-4344-5523-9
$11.95 US

One young woman is missing. Another is dead.

They were drawn to Windy City like moths to a flame, but the city’s bright lights can’t illuminate every dark corner. Hidden in the alleys and back streets and in a three-block long stretch of strip clubs and adult bookstores are the men who prey on young women like these: the pedophiles, pimps, and pornographers.

When former partners, unlicensed investigator Big Dick Rickenbacher and Homicide Lieutenant Salvador Castellano, find their cases overlapping in this violent world of sexual depravity, old flames rekindle, old secrets finally surface, and old crimes demand retribution.

“...violent and very hard-boiled.” A 4-Star Review—Detroit Free Press

All White Girls is a one-sitting, in-your-face, hard-boiled mystery; and it’s damn good.”—I Love A Mystery

“...a gritty novel where almost everyone has an interest in the dark side of human nature.”—Blue Iris Journal

“...a driving pace that keeps the reader engaged from cover to cover.”—Judas

“Michael Bracken’s latest effort moves like lightning. Short, quick-cut scenes with virtually no padding give All White Girls a relentless pace that slows only in the last few paragraphs....this is one of the best pieces of hard-boiled fiction I’ve read in a long time. It’s lean, it’s short, and it left me feeling like I’d been dumped in an alley behind one of the strip clubs in the story. All White Girls is a sorely needed reinvention of the tired serial killer tale.”—Plots With Guns!

“Bracken’s descriptions and dialog are sharp, crisp and biting.”—Murder Express

Bronze ADDY Award
Covers—Books or Videos
Awarded to Michael Bracken,
Michelangelo Flores, and Alan Rodgers
For the book’s cover

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Wildside Press, 2000
Trade Paperback; ISBN 1-58715-253-3
$14.95 US / $17.95 CAN

When a French secret service operative is murdered on a lonely Alpine highway, a womanizing CIA agent must find the killer and terminate “With Extreme Prejudice.”

Back in the states, the same agent discovers “The Only Good Red.”

Three years after a bank robbery goes bad, a convict on the verge of parole learns that his partner’s wife really knows how to set up a “Con Job.”

When an attractive young woman borrows money for a new car, it’s the loan manager who learns never to trust the “First Blonde on the Left.”

After an account executive visits a fortune teller, he discovers there’s “A Price to Pay.”

A dead man dressed like a woman and the cop leading the investigation aren’t what they seem until you peel away the “Husks.”

When two ex-cons try to return an unwanted engagement ring, they find themselves stuck between the “Rock and a Hard Place.”

A husband, a wife, and a hired killer soon learn that “Three’s A Shroud.”

A disgraced jockey and his girlfriend take matters into their own hands and there’s “Vengeance to Show in the Third.”

An ex-con can’t believe his luck when a naked socialite seduces him. He soon learns not to throw his stones at “Glass Houses.”

They do bad things. For love. For money. For fun. They’re Bad Girls.

“Michael Bracken’s mysteries are filled with danger, adventure, and death. His characters are often unpredictable; so are his endings. In Bad Girls, his...stories were laced with intelligent, contemporary women who knew just how to manipulate the male protagonists. Motivations surprised me time and again.

“Bracken’s style is unique. His stories are taut. No details are wasted. He knows just what to reveal and what to withhold.”—EWG Presents

“A better collection from the author, these dozen have more variety, from spies to cops to crooks, most with an erotic component.”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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Wildside Press, 2002
Hardback; ISBN 1-58715-813-2
$32.95 US

Tales of Natural and Supernatural Noir.

Whether real or imagined, natural or supernatural, the horrors in these macabre tales of lost love, quiet desperation, and painful memories will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve turned the last page. These are dark, dark tales.

“Michael Bracken’s stories can creep up on you like a cool breeze, or hit you over the head like a hammer. But whether he’s subtle or wild, he’s always in control of his considerable talent. With Canvas Bleeding, first-time Bracken readers are in for a real treat.”—Edo van Belkom, author of Martyrs and Scream Queen

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Wildside Press, 2000
Trade Paperback; ISBN 1-58715-271-1
$14.95 US / $17.95 CAN

Covering City Hall during an election year was all the excitement reporter Dan Fox needed—until he discovered Alderman Bill Franklin’s bullet-ridden body.

Who killed the alderman? Why did they do it? Fox wants the story. Everyone else wants him.

Hit men, mob bosses, politicians, and mistresses: They all have stories to tell, and Fox pieces them together while dodging bullets and fighting deadlines.

While Fox digs for the story, long-hidden secrets rise to the surface—secrets that threaten the political fabric of the city—and Fox soon discovers he’s caught in the middle of a Deadly Campaign.

“...exciting...plenty of action...a pleasure to read.”—Blue Iris Journal

Silver ADDY Award
Covers—Books or Videos
Awarded to Michael Bracken,
Michelangelo Flores, and Alan Rodgers
For the book’s cover

Books in Motion, 1994
AudioBook; ISBN 1-55686-521-X
$26.95 US

Read by Jack Labbe.

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Books In Motion, 1995
AudioBook; ISBN 1-55686-603-8
$26.95 US

Read by Maynard Villars.

“An intriguing group of electrifying short stories” including five stories featuring Private Eye Nathaniel Rose and two other mystery/suspense tales.

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Wildside Press, 2001
Hardback; ISBN 1-58715-554-0
$37.95 US / £29.95 UK

This ain’t your Mama’s anthology and these tales ain’t for the faint-hearted. These are raw, gritty stories exploring the dark abyss of men’s souls.

With the sound of gunfire ringing in their ears and the stench of blood on their clothes, these private eyes and tough guys face their darkest fears and most cunning adversaries.

Here are tales of love and hate, sex and power, crime and punishment, fear and retribution—tales that grab you by the throat, slam you against the wall, then drag you back for more.

Here are men and women who catch everything life throws at them, then throw it right back.

Here are 14 hardboiled tales guaranteed to blow your hat off!

Featuring hard-hitting tales from some of the most talented crime fiction writers working today, including:

Nick Andreychuk * Michael Bracken * Ernest B. Brown
Michael Collins * Ruthe Furie * Michael Hemmingson
Robert D. Hughes * Fredrick Obermeyer
Percy Spurlark Parker * Shelley Singer
Dan A. Sproul * Tom Sweeney
Mark Troy * Tim Wohlforth

“[Percy Spurlark] Parker’s Las Vegas private eye has an even stronger outing in another collection of new stories, Fedora: Private Eyes and Tough Guys, edited by Michael Bracken, which also includes a good case for Shelley Singer’s classic-car-dealer-sleuth April Pinck; a satisfying non-series revenge tale, ‘Reunion’ by Dan A. Sproul; and a searing piece of social commentary by a crime-fiction master, Michael Collins’ ‘The Horrible, Senseless Murders of Two Elderly Women.’ ”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“New anthology series makes its debut with this impressive collection of P.I. stories....”—Thrilling Detective

“Buy it and they won’t break your legs.”—Murder One Newsletter

Edgar Award Nomination
“The Horrible, Senseless Murders of Two Elderly Women”
by Michael Collins
nominated for Best Short Story

Derringer Award Nomination
“Cuts Like A Knife”
by Michael Bracken
nominated for Best Short Mystery

Bronze ADDY Award
Awarded to Michael Bracken
For the book’s cover copy

Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2001
as noted in
The Best American Mystery Stories 2002
“The Horrible, Senseless Murders of Two Elderly Women”
by Michael Collins
“Teed Off”
by Mark Troy

Honorable Mentions of 2001
as noted in
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories
Third Annual Collection
“The Horrible, Senseless Murders of Two Elderly Women”
by Michael Collins

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Betancourt & Co., 2003
Hardback; ISBN 1-59224-818-7

This still ain’t your Mama’s anthology! Whether they crawl up from the gutters or stroll down from the mansions, the private eyes and tough guys in these stories make the mean streets meaner and the dark alleys darker. While some stories punch you full in the face, others sneak up from behind and place the cold steel barrel of a .38 against the back of your skull. Either way, you won’t be able to defend yourself against the raw, gritty power between these covers.

Featuring original crime fiction by:

Ann Aptaker * Michael Bracken * Gary R. Bush
Brian Evankovich * Justin Gustainis * Robert D. Hughes
O'Neil De Noux * Percy Spurlark Parker
Anthony Neil Smith * Dan Sontup
Dan A. Sproul * James Stevens-Arce
Tom Sweeney * Simon Wood

“[Y]ou won’t find a better source for traditional hardboiled entertainment.”—Bleeker Books

L.A. Screamfest Film Festival Best Short Screenplay
adapted from
by James Stevens-Arce

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Betancourt & Co., 2004
Hardback; ISBN 0-80958-945-1

This ain’t never gonna be your Mama’s anthology. Like a sucker punch with a fistful of quarters, these stories will knock you off your feet.

From cold freezers to hot fires, the private eyes and tough guys between these covers travel through the blackness of men’s souls. Working skip traces, investigating abusive spouses, and collecting bad debts brings them face-to-face with their worst fears. They fight back the only way they know how, using every trick they’ve learned while working the mean streets.

Hot blood. Cold sweat. A quick glance over the shoulder. You’ll be with them every step of the way.

These and many more dark, hardboiled stories from some of the best crime fiction writers working today:

J. L. Abramo * Nick Andreychuk * Ann Aptaker
David Bart * Michael Bracken * James S. Dorr
Kevin Egan * Lee Goldberg * Michael Hemmingson
Carol Kilgore * Chelle Martin * Graham Powell
Dorothy Rellas * David Terrenoire * Tom Sweeney
Bev Vincent * George Wilhite

“Even more private eyes, even more tough guys from the best on-going P.I. short story series.”—Thrilling Detective

Derringer Award Nomination
“Freddie Swings In”
by David Terrenoire
nominated for Best Short Mystery

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Betancourt & Co., 2003
Hardback; ISBN 1-59224-949-3
$32.95 US

Fourteen delicious private eye tales guaranteed to whet your appetite for detection!

Wining, dining, and death. Fast living and fine dining combine to present today’s private eyes with culinary crimes suitable for even the most refined palate.

The private eyes in these stories face delicious dangers, savory sins, and tasty temptations...and the bad guys always get their just desserts. An appetizing selection of today’s top private eye writers and talented newcomers season their tales with the exciting spices of love, hate, justice, and vengeance.

Here are fourteen delicious private eyes tales—and one poem—guaranteed to whet your appetite for detection.

Featuring original stories by:

Nick Andreychuk * Jack Bludis * Carol Kilgore
Robert Lopresti * Andrew McAleer * D. Jeanette McSherry
Art Montague * Linda Summers Posey * Dorothy Rellas
Stephen D. Rogers * Kenneth Thornton Samuels
Dan Sontup * Tom Sweeney * Tim Wohlforth

“Scoop a copy of Michael Bracken’s Hardbroiled and whet your palate with some of the best and hottest authors in the P.I. genre today. A superb, original Private Eye anthology in every respect.”—Robin Moore, Number 1 best-selling author of The French Connection and The Green Berets

“’s a great ride.”—Thrilling Detective

“Filled with interesting stories, fascinating people and mysteries you will enjoy trying to solve, Hardbroiled is a must have for any serious mystery fan...”—Murder and Mayhem Book Club

“This concoction of experly prepared stories is one of the best short mystery collections I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. If you like your mystery with hard boiled detectives and close to the bone suspense, you’ll love Hardbroiled.”—The Popper Gazette

Anthony Award Nomination
Shamus Award Nomination
by Jack Bludis
nominated for Best Short Story

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Barley Books, 2000
Paperback; ISBN 1-90269-103-2
£3.99 UK

When young cop Mike Morelli offers Patrick Bates a lift in his car, he is anticipating a regular shift. Bates, one of the few surviving members of the Baker High School class of 1974, has other ideas.

John Passetti watches his dead brother emerge from his ocean grave, an old woman dies after reporting a graveyard desecration, and the town drunk is seeing ghosts. Hardly a regular shift. But will the students of ’74 attend Bates’ reunion?

“A truly terrifying tale in the Stephen King tradition. Michael Bracken is a horror writer to watch out for.”—Writers Block

“Nicely understated and atmospheric....”—Science Fiction Chronicle

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Hard Shell Word Factory, 1998
Electronic Novel; ISBN 1-58200-025-5
$4.50 US

His father writes confessions and jokes, and the biggest joke of all is his name—Justin Tyme. But Jay, as he prefers to be called, hasn’t had much to laugh about in the years since his mother died. His father retreats into an alcohol-hazed world of denial and self-pity, reversing their care-giver roles, and forcing Jay to grow up virtually on his own.

Then, the move to O’Shea, where his father manages a mobile home park, and Jay begins yet another year as the “new kid” in school. He has a lot to learn—about life, his father, and himself, but most of all, about love. And it all begins the day Jay meets Cindy Hamilton.

“Michael Bracken captures his audience from the beginning with a heartfelt and humorous tale.”—Affair De Coeur

“A warmhearted tale a young adult can relate to.”—Romance Connections

“Highly recommended.”—Under the Cover Book Reviews

Selected as a “Book To Live By”—Dubai Scholars Private School, Dubai, U.A.E.

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Amazon Kindle, 2011

Microchick’s 24 erotic science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories are throwbacks to the paranormal fiction published in men's magazines during the late 20th Century, and feature demons, ghosts, mermaids, and hot, out-of-this-world sex.

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Wildside Press, 2000
Trade Paperback; ISBN 1-58715-270-3
$14.95 US / $17.95 CAN

Geeks and Freaks.

That’s what Detective Sergeant Tony Carvelli thinks of Psi Cops until he’s faced with a sadistic serial killer who leaves no evidence behind.

In a near-future St. Louis, after sexually-transmitted diseases have been eliminated and sex without commitment is a lifestyle for much of the population, Carvelli investigates the deaths of women dismembered in their own bedrooms.

Carvelli still believes in the old values: love before sex and investigation before technology. When Psi Cop Colleen Allison is assigned to the case against his wishes—thanks to his new partner, recently-promoted Phil Palmer—Carvelli resents her and everything she represents.

Fighting against time and against each other, Carvelli, Palmer, and Allison struggle to find the killer before he strikes again.

“...a suspenseful blend of SF and mystery.”—Science Fiction Chronicle

Books In Motion, 1995
AudioBook; ISBN 1-55686-570-8
$36.95 US

Read by Maynard Villars

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Amazon Kindle, 2011

Hard men and busty babes dominate the 23 erotic crime fiction stories included in Sex, Violence & Half A Million Dollars. These stories, throwbacks to the hardboiled and noir mystery fiction published in men's magazines during the late 20th Century, feature clever crimes and smokin' hot sex.

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Betancourt & Co., 2004
Hardback; ISBN 1-59224-595-1

Small crimes.

Big consequences.

Little things send our lives spinning in unexpected directions. Small crimes, thoughtless actions, and momentary lapses in judgement all have consequences we can’t begin to imagine. Stealing apples, failing to leave contact information after a minor traffic accident, accepting a small bribe to overlook faulty wiring, and many other small crimes change the course of people’s lives in Small Crimes.

Fifteen tales from today’s finest mystery writers, including:

Jack Bludis * Michael Bracken * Gary R. Bush
James S. Dorr * Kevin Egan * Ted Hertel, Jr.
T. P. Keating * Chelle Martin * Paula J. Matter
Dorothy Rellas * Stephen D. Rogers * Neil Schofield
Tom Sweeney * Tim Wohlforth * Simon Wood

“... the concluding novella, ‘Dreams Unborn,’ which though much grimmer may remind you of American Graffiti, is the best piece of fiction I’ve read by editor Bracken.”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Anthony Award Nomination
Larry and Eleanor Sternig Short Fiction Award (Third Place)
“It’s Crackers to Slip a Rozzer the Dropsey in Snide”
by Ted Hertel, Jr.

Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2004
as noted in
The Best American Mystery Stories 2005
“Dreams Unborn”
by Michael Bracken

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Wildside Press, 2000
Trade Paperback; ISBN 1-58715-252-5
$13.95 US / $16.95 CAN

Nathaniel Rose.

Private Eye. Tough Guy.

He works hard, plays hard, and loves hard. Rose would do anything for the women in his life, from the strippers to the socialites.

When an old case comes back to haunt him, who can Rose trust?

When a client’s husband disappears, why does Rose lose his taste for fast food?

When a young woman wants to make a few copies, why does she honeymoon in heaven?

When seven witnesses watch a man kill his wife and her lover, how lucky can he be?

When a socialite wants her husband dead, is she man enough to do it?

When a stripper bites off more than she can chew, what does Rose uncover?

When a lawyer blackmails her own clients, what’s love got to do with it?

After a brief tour of Korea and ten years as a cop, Rose now walks the mean streets of St. Louis, Missouri. Whether it takes brains, brawn, or bullets to solve a case, and with a hardboiled sense of justice to guide him, Rose takes the most difficult cases and the most beautiful clients to heart.

“Bracken’s plot twists are fresh and’ll find Tequila Sunrise an intoxicating treat.”—Skullduggery

“Nathaniel Rose, St. Louis private eye of the non-wisecracking, violence-relishing, sexually busy seven capably written cases.”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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(Melissa Ford)
JUST IN TIME FOR LOVE (Michael Bracken)

Hard Shell Word Factory, 2001
Trade Paperback; ISBN 0-75991-000-6
$10.95 US

Twin Spins #1 contains the complete text of Melissa Ford’s YA novel His Friday Girls and the complete text of Michael Bracken’s YA novel Just in Time For Love (see details above).

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Wildside Press, 2005
Hardback; ISBN 1-59224-984-1
$35.00 US

Derringer Award winning short story writer Michael Bracken returns with another impressive collection of hardboiled crime fiction, including his new novella, “Yesterday in Blood and Bone.”

When veteran newspaper reporter Benjamin “Bucky” Weaver and Alderman William Kelvin are killed, reporter Dan Fox finds himself searching deep into the past to discover how the two men were connected and why someone would want them dead. In the process, Fox learns a lesson about prejudice, 1950’s justice, and how the power of the press is sometimes embodied in the things that aren’t said.

Also included is the Derringer Award-winning “All My Yesterdays” and the Derringer Award-nominated “Cuts Like a Knife.”

“In twenty hardboiled stories, two new including a title novella with a good newspaper background, the prolific Bracken again proves a capable entertainer.”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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“Bracken’s mystery fiction is of the tougher-minded sort.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Michael Bracken is Mickey Spillane for the new century.”
—Jack Bludis, author of The Big Switch